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RV Travel Hacks for a Peaceful Trip

RVing typically means the sounds of rivers flowing instead of alarm clocks and hikes instead of meetings. And while riding around in an RV can be one of the best ways to see the country, they can also cause quite a headache. You have limited space, phone service can be spotty, beds can be uncomfortable, and making sure that you have the correct water and sewage hookups can be a pain. These travel hacks will ensure that you have a peaceful and efficient trip. 

1. Water

Water seems like it should be one of those commodities that are easily available at every campsite and yet this isn’t always the case. When you do get to a campsite that has no water, it’s important to save as much as water as you can. This means not leaving it on when you brush your teeth or being mindful when you take a shower. One of the best ways to conserve your water supply is to turn the water off when you’re lathering up with soap or shampoo in the shower. Then turn it on when you need to rinse off. And repeat!

2. Wi-Fi

If you’ve jetted off to live your life on the road, there’s a good chance that you’ve taken your business with you. And this means you’ll most likely need Wi-Fi to stay connected. Like water, this isn’t a commodity that is offered everywhere and often times, when it is offered, the connection is weak or slow. The easiest way to boost the signal is a simple $20 fix. All you need is a Wi-Fi reception booster. 

3. Pest Control

Being in the great outdoors only means one thing. Bugs. These pesky little creatures love to hover over food and any open containers and if you’re not careful, there’s a chance they’ll make your RV their new home as well. Repelling flies is easier than you think. All you need is a little bit of diluted Pinesol and a rag. Wipe down your counters, awnings, and tables with it and the flies will be seen no more.
If mosquitos are your problem and you don’t like the smell of the chemicals used in mosquito repellent, try using sage instead. It smells heavenly and stops the bites. It’s a win/win. Best way to use it? Throw a couple of branches into the fire.
If you want to have an outdoor picnic but don’t want to have to worry about bees, put a couple of unscented dryer sheets under your table cloth. The bees will quickly lose interest in the food.

4. Storage

One of the biggest downfalls to an RV is the lack of storage. If you own your RV, install rods anywhere possible. Using one in the kitchen allows you to hang your utensils, measuring spoons and cups, and more. A small storage rack in your bathroom can hold all of your medicine, toiletries, and other necessities. You can also secure taller items in the bathroom such as air freshener, hair spray, and mouthwash with a towel bar. 

5. Trash

It’s safe to say that trash can be an issue when on the road, especially if you’re on the road for a while. To help save space and keep your trash contained, invest in a collapsible trash can. This helps keep all the trash together, helps you stay organized, and it takes up virtually no space.
Rv Travel Hacks
While living in an RV is something that many people dream about, there’s a lot that goes into it to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Following these tips will help you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your life on the road (even if it’s only for a couple of days). 
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