London is among the most popular tourist destinations globally that are home to elegant museums, charming pubs, the finest theatres, tons of historical elements, delightful food, a vivacious nightlife, and a diverse population. London continues to surprise its visitors and tourists with its new offerings and energetic vibes. Unfortunately, London city is also expensive, and the expenses can skyrocket through the roof if you are not cautious and careful with your budget and spending.

However, London is also loaded with several free and cheap indulgences. You can enjoy a gala time out here if you control your expenses well.

Apply for a UK visa and browse the major landmarks of London city to explore the beautiful culture, rich history, and amazing attractions on display. We have prepared a small list that will act as a London travel guide covering the best things to do and must-see attractions of the UK for enjoying a fascinating holiday in London after getting your UK visa.

Why should you visit London?

London is the capital city of the UK that features modern & contemporary art museums, busy pubs, endless historical facets, multicultural demography, best theatres, delightful culinary cuisines, and wild nightlife. Getting around to explore various facets of London is a breeze, all thanks to the excellent world-class public transportation here. London throws amazing surprises and new offerings with each visit that makes a holiday a truly enchanting one.

London Eye and Big Ben Tower

1. British Museum

This museum features among the first and greatest museums worldwide. With almost six million visitors each year, this is one of the prime attractions in Britain. Discover the greatest treasures and the rich history and cultural heritage of England through a different lens here. You should mark this destination first on your list after getting your UK visa.

2. Buckingham Palace

This city landmark was incepted in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham as the monarch’s traditional London domicile in 1837. Queen Elizabeth II, who died recently, had spent most of her time here at Windsor Castle and in the summer at Scotland’s Balmore Castle. The Royal family is quite popular in this region, and the national anthem also features a special mention of the reigning king or queen of England.

The Buckingham Palace

3. Hyde Park

This city’s landmark is an ideal destination for relaxing, leisure, and enjoying the sun’s warmth. Spread over 142 hectares of lush green space, you can witness several stretches of overgrown grass, beautiful trees, and neatly maintained gardens decorating its overall landscape. This green space also hosts several intriguing live music events and sights throughout the year.

4. Houses of Parliament

This administrative landmark in the UK is where the elected House of Commons and the appointed or hereditary House of Lords sit. This Houses of Parliament is fondly referred to as the Palace of Westminster; the oldest part of the luxurious Houses of Parliament is the Westminster Hall, a classical neo-Gothic structure and one of the surviving elements of the massively devastating 1834 fire incident.

5. Kew Gardens

This leisure destination is an amazing site to witness the 19th-century Palm House, an 18th-century classic, a 10-story Chinese pagoda and a Japanese gateway, other conservatories, Victorian greenhouses, and a diverse variety of plant species. Refresh and rejuvenate all moods at the first site of the lush green space.

Kew Garden Palm House

6. Natural History Museum

This breathtaking museum has immersive and compelling displays about Mother Earth. Whether it is about the anthropomorphic dinosaur, the mind-blowing Darwin Centre, or the classical Gothic architecture featured in every fairy tale, the Natural History Museum has everything to enthral and captivate the audience, irrespective of age.

The Natural History Museum in London during Sunset

7. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

This medieval landmark offers great opportunities to experience the playwright’s work in its most spectacular and creative form. Standing ideally beneath the open-air „wooden O,” this destination is only 160 meters away from the original Park Street location in London city.

8. St. Paul’s Cathedral

This religious destination stands tall over the tiny Ludgate hill and is an excellent destination to browse through Christian devotion that is more than 1400 years old. This majestic landmark in London stands today as a symbol of fortitude, and the Londoners consider it the pride of the UK.

9. Tower of London

This historical landmark features rich traditional elements along with lore and mythology. In addition, the magnificent fortress is an architectural marvel that houses the largest diamond in the world and a palpable sense of medieval history oozing from every corner.

10. Westminster Abbey

This destination features an absolute masterpiece of various architectural styles and designs and is often regarded as one of the finest ancient English Gothic instances. However, this ancient landmark is much beyond a place of worship; it also features an active congregation and a stage on which several historical elements are played.

A Westminster Abbey Near the Green Trees

Key travel tips to save money during your London vacation

London has so many options to attract tourists and be the envy of every global tourist. Hence, the options available on display can be a touch expensive. We bring you the best money-saving ideas to help you uncover London even at nominal prices.

  • Get a London Pass, a great way to browse through London’s popular landmarks without paying for expensive entry tickets.
  • Purchase an Oyster card for utilizing the world-class public transport in London. You can load the amount and travel at nominal prices all over Britain. These contactless payment cards are cost-effective and almost half the rates of a paper travel card or single cash tickets.
  • The culinary scene in London is world-famous, and there are plenty of spaces to venture into exotic food and drink, including street food markets.
  • Try the off-beat tourist path to explore London as it is much beyond the monarchical palaces and structures and adds a new set of offerings and modern attractions each year. Using the exclusive Santander Cycle system here, you can also indulge in a free walking or biking tour in central London.
  • Choose your airport as per your accommodation. For example, there are four airports in London where you can land; hence, choose the one closest to your hotel accommodation to save some bucks on travel.
  • Don’t miss out on exploring the free attractions in London that provides deep insight into the culture and history of the UK. The top free attractions on your list are the Southbank Centre art complex, Hyde Park, Tate Modern, British Museum, Hampstead Heath, and the National Gallery.
  • Book your theatre and play tickets well in advance, online or offline, to bag a great deal and get significant savings. Last-minute tickets are also an option to choose from but don’t guarantee lower-priced or discounted tickets.

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