We continue our series Exotic Destinations – I was there… narrated by travel bloggers.

Today Eliza will be my guest. She recommends us a beautiful Exotic Destination where she has been so far.

Eliza is a Romanian girl with a nomadic soul, living in Tuscany, Florence since 2002, working as Tour Guide 8 months a year. Is a part-time traveller, Art lover and Truth seeker. 

Elizaland, is her playground where she experience special moments of her travels, feelings and emotions and then she wrote down on paper, for fear to not forget them. In the same time, she wants to inspire you and write a lot of tips and trips for your travels.

EXOTIC DESTINATION – I was there by Elizaland

Phu Quoc Island – one of Vietnam’s best kept secrets

When I decided to spend some days on an island in Vietnam, for some relax, white sand beaches and delicious grilled fish, everyone told me to change destination and go to Thailand. Well, I’m a stubborn girl and I chose to stick with my plan and I wasn’t disappointed.

Phu Quoc island, situated in the Gulf of Thailand, not far from the Cambodian border, was quite a surprise during my stay in South East Asia, as I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful and enjoyable, despite the trash and the dirty areas, not far from the beaches. With only a few European and American backpackers, this island is a secret escape from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh or Phnom Penh especially for Vietnamese and Cambodian tourists who don’t want to share the secret with anyone.

The best way to explore the island is by scooter and there is a lot to do and see, for those active travelers who don’t want to lay on the beach all day long, even if that’s what I did most of my time in Phu Quoc.

There are travel agencies who offer scuba diving tours, boat tours where tourists can enjoy snorkeling, fishing and swimming, there is a lovely fishermen village in the south of the island, perfect for some Instagram pictures and many locals offer cooking courses for those who want to learn how to make the famous spring rolls and much more…

What makes Phu Quoc so special is its genuine vibe mixed with only local flavours that I hope will not be spoiled by the Western influence in the next years, so you’d better hurry up and book your next holidays to Phu Quoc.

Has she raised your interest? Mine, absolutely! I can not wait to go to see this wonderful island!

Many thanks to you Eliza for your recommendation! 

Join her traveling adventures on the blog Elizaland, on her Facebook and on Instagram.

This is part two of wonderful „I was there” story, so stay tuned for more! 🙂 

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