Who would not wish to sleep in Sahara, between the sand dunes, looking at the beautiful stars? Desert life always has a unique influence on most of us. We all have read the stories of deserts and about its typical lifestyle with different references, some of us could have imagined himself riding camels between the sand dunes in Morocco. Morocco is the best place for tourists to live all of their fantasies about the desert.

Merzouga is located in the southern region of Morocco called the right place if you need to enjoy and make more fun in Morocco Family Holidays. It’s a small Moroccan town in the Sahara Desert. You can pitch a tent in a little charming village of Sahara, can go out for an adventure and experience the beauties of the Sahara desert.

To know little about the demography is important to explore the desert rightly. In Morocco, to the south and east of the Atlas mountains, the climate becomes very hot and dry. This is where Morocco’s deserts start. Separated from the busy cities of the coast by the mountains the desert is totally different from northern Morocco.

Morocco has two main Desert locations, Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga. Both are located in the southern part of the country surrounded by 150m high wondrous sand dunes. A flat big area of the desert is having no cover to escape the sun, other than the luxury and local tent services for the tourists or some other homes of local people. I say, no trip is complete without a desert experience in its most iconic form.

Erg Chebbi is the smaller, roughly 50 kilometers and 5-10 kilometers in width. Erg Chigaga is 40 kilometers, and 15 kilometers in width, a little bigger than Erg Chebbi.

Virikson Morocco Holidays offers the best dessert experiences, hikes and camel trekking into both the Ergs. For more details, you can have a look at the best packages we have for you.

Visit Erg Chebbi with us:

It would take 4 or 5 days to complete the trip of Erg Chebbi with one night stay in the desert. The travel duration is totally based on your comfort. The best possible way from Marrakech to Chebbi is to get Ouarzazate which is 4 hours drive from Marrakech.

You will be staying a night in Ouarzazate and on the next day, you will continue your journey towards Merzouga. It is a Camp where you will be having all the best facilities for a night stay. It takes 5 to 6 hours to get to the glorious desert Merzouga from Ouarzazate.

These camps can range from basic, simple Berber-style desert camps to all-out luxury. You will be having Tagine the traditional dish with much more in the meal along with the entertainment of listening to the traditional Berber songs in cozy warm desert. Camel trekking is must to do a thing in the desert, it is up to you that how you manage the time so that you can be able to have an adventurous and exploring ride in the desert. Experiencing the color changing sky in the dusk or in the early morning is the loveliest scene to experience.

After spending an amazing time you would be heading back to Marrakech the same way you came by. There would be a break in a way half to Marrakech, a night stay would is suggested to continue your journey the next day.

Visit Erg Chigaga

It is possible to reach the dunes of Erg Chigaga in 4 days return trip from Marrakech. If the traveling consumes more time then it is suggested that the extra day to explore the places would be spared.

You will leave Marrakech and drive to either Ouarzazate or Agdz which is the same, 5 to 6 hours distance from Marrakech.

It would take 5,6 hours to reach the M’hamid, a small oasis town in Zagora Province. You can enjoy a camel ride in the lighter dunes of the desert. Camping in the desert, riding to the high dunes are very popular for M’Hamid. You can do that by camel, 4×4, motor bike or quad bike.

Sleeping in the Sahara

Spending a night in a warm desert camp inspired by Berber civilizations is a more recommended experience one should have in the desert.

The more interesting experience spending a night in Sahara is to drag your mattresses out of the tents and onto the desert sand. Sleeping under the stars that night would have a unique experience of your life. While you have spent your entire life in polluted urban areas of the world, This environment of the desert would hypnotize with such pleasing moments in your life.

And these stars are incredible. With zero light pollution, you could see the Milky Way over the sand dunes and that is an incredible experience you may have in Sahara.

Best time to visit the Sahara

April and October are the months can be ideal for your Best Holidays in Morocco because in these months the heat can be manageable during the day time. December and January are the months when the cold nights of Sahara would demand the proper clothing and more prepared trip.

The ideal months to experience the loveliest time and avoiding the crowd in Sahara is the lowest months of November, January, and February. You will find Sahara a very cozy destination to explore in this time of period.

Overall, your experience in the desert is what you yourself would tell after getting back from your trip, but I can bet you, that will count in the amazing trips of your entire life which you would never forget. You would be in love with the traveling experience to the desert and the exploration you will make during the stops along the way.

A tip for you, Just make sure to fully research the company you book with, splash out to improve the experience and go prepared!

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