I have searched for quotes about happiness and life and I found in small words the essence of LIFE: “Be Happy, Then Live. A simple path to an extraordinary life”. Also, I found a book called like this and the author, Michal Miszczuk, gives this book out as a free trial, what is amazing, because he didn’t want to take money in advance, but he put a lot of time, energy and effort to write down these thoughts and I am honored that he let me the opportunity to read this book and more to write a review.

This wonderful book is about self-development, self-discovery, the law of attraction, bringing into life abundance in different forms and many more. It is written in a simple and accessible way with a language that can be understood by everyone.

Are fundamental life questions that are presented and explained in a story of Mike Khan – a journalist who transforms his life after having interviewed one of the famous so-called spiritual teachers. For e.g. “How to be happy? What is the purpose of life? Why do I always have bad luck? Why bad things happen to me? Is there something beyond this physical reality? Why are some people rich while others live in poverty? Why do I get sick all the time? Why do I have problems with building relationships?”

After reading the book, I realized that I know a lot of things, but I have to learn more for discovering my inner selves and all the Universe. I am able now to look upon life’s problems and obstacles from a different perspective and achieve the things in life that I dreamed more easily, because all the main principle of the Law of Attraction is based on a concept of ‘feeling’ emotions what brings us Happiness and Joy.

That’s why I recommend with love this book and thank you, Michal, that you have contributed to let me explore the depths of my fears and dreams and renewed happiness and joy in my life. 💗

You can see this review that I wrote and many more on his website :  http://www.behappythenlive.com/thebook/. 

But maybe  you are asking Who is Michal Miszczuk? He is from Poland, an English teacher and a musician, but he is also interested in philosophy and spirituality.

Michal created a motivational video, called like his book „Be Happy, Then Live”:

In the next paragraphs I will present a few excerpts from the book, those I liked most. Enjoy it! 🙂 

The Universe listens and it responds only to our emotions. This is the key to prayer. This is that internal technology. Words can be helpful, but they needn’t be heard. Yet, while they may be helpful in creating certain emotional states in order for the manifestation process to start, the true secret for a prayer to come into manifestation is the feeling that our wish has already been granted and we feel the gratitude for having it so. The laws of the universe are constant and equal for everyone. There are no exceptions! So if we have done everything as we should have done – the universe will have no other choice, but to reflect the version of reality that we feel as being true. This works every single time. People often think that seeing is believing, but it is actually the way around – believing is seeing. If you believe that something is true, you will ultimately see it.” ~ Subchapter – Prayer

I: “You have talked earlier about suffering. Could you elaborate a little more about the topic of happiness and joy?”

Dan: “For me, you are happy when you are both growing and have balance in all fields of life. Balance here is the key point. As human beings, we are both spiritual and physical beings, so to live fully, we have to achieve harmony between these two worlds, and we have to devote the same amount of time for growth in both fields. Finally, we must live our lives simultaneously in these two worlds. This is the purpose we were created for – to fully manifest the spirit inside the human body and to master it” – subchapter – Happiness

Feel FREE to download the book and click HERE.

Money is a form of energy – if you got value from the book I recommend to you, how Michal said also, to contribute to his current work and to the future ones and press the DONATE button.  Thank you!

More information about the book you can find on his website: http://www.behappythenlive.com/ and on Michal Miszczuk Facebook page.

Be a conscious creator of your life! BE HAPPY, THEN LIVE! 🙂

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