Certainly, an hour of relaxation at a SPA Centre is appreciated by anyone… But relaxation has a special charm in the Aquarmony pools, where you can live a fabulous experience, a floating dream like in paradise.

I’m back with joy and eagerness to Aquarmony – the first Floating Centre SPA in Brasov and Romania, which brings us something new in the field, floating therapy in magnesium salt water pools.

Although the benefits of this therapy have been known and used in ancient times, the first modern floating tank was made by American neuroscientist Dr John Lilly in 1954. Having scientifically proven beneficial medical effects, the new method of therapy has spread throughout the world, known in the western world as the Float tank, Samadhi tank or Isolation tank.

Float Tank Dr John Lilly, USA, 1954

Floating therapy is simply the practice of lying back effortlessly in a floatation tank of warm saline water and drifting into a blissful state at zero gravity.

The Experts recommend the floating method generally for the body and mind relaxation, in order to improve the immune system and the ability to concentrate. Other benefits include increased productivity and creativity. The floating method also supports medical treatment, for example in the field of sports medicine, orthopaedics and pain medicine. By floating therapy, the spine escapes the weight it must bear permanently. This magnesium-salt water is also relaxing the acutest painful points. In addition, the saline bath is beneficial to the skin, and regular use can help in the treatment of acne and neurodermatitis.

The first floating salon in Romania was opened on June 1, 2015, by Mr Flavian Dumitrescu & Delia, the owners of Aquarmony, a relaxation centre located in the very heart of Brasov City.

I had the chance to be present at the inauguration of the floating salon and since then I am one of the loyal customers. Floating therapy gives you a wonderful, unique and stunning feeling. Once you float in the pool, gravity disappears, you completely relax, both physically and mentally, and float in zero-gravity as in outer space, so that you enter into a state of dreaming as in paradise. I recommend you all, especially those who want to release daily stress.

The atmosphere in the flotation tank is one of the most enjoyable. The water temperature is constantly at 35-36 degrees and is adjustable with a thermostat. You can enjoy ambient music or a full silence, the walls being soundproofed. The cabin is bathed in blue diffused light, where you can completely forget the outside world while the body floats. You can adjust the temperature, light, music and air conditioning with remote control. You can communicate with the exterior even by a speakerphone. As the external stimuli disappeared, I have relaxed and reinvigorated the spine along with the muscles and joints, the brain and the mind benefited in their turn of relaxation. The effects began to occur within minutes after I completely relaxed my body and found my floating position.

At the exit of the pool, I just feel like as I was reborn, which is why I want to return as often as possible to float easily as in paradise!

The location has generous space, modernly decorated with great taste. The centre has two floating cabins, one in a pyramidal shape, well known for the beneficial effect of the pyramid.

Pyramid Floating Cabin

The salon welcomes its guests in a warm and pleasant atmosphere, where hygiene has great attention. The floating cabins are manufactured using the latest technologies, including a triple cleaning system: particle filters, UV sterilizer and ozone generator.

I love the pleasant ambience and the high-class services offered by the welcoming staff of the Aquarmony floating salon. Besides this, for such a wonderful experience, prices are affordable and friendly!

I really enjoyed it and I felt really special in those great moments I spent there.

Thank you so much Flavian & Delia to be part of your project!

For further details and appointments, you can access the website Aquarmony.ro, also their Facebook page.

Aquarmony Salon aspect you at any time with an open heart!

I wish you sunny days and see you soon! 🙂


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