Oh, Bali, Bali, Bali! It’s all I seem to hear these days. Everyone wants to go to Bali, they want to experience the fun things that everyone else has done! They want to walk through those exotic jungles, jump in those magnificent waterfalls, party like there’s no tomorrow in Kuta and dive to the bottom of the ocean to discover a turtle.
All in all, Bali has some of the most exotic and fun activities in the world. Let’s count them down!

       1. Mt Agung

Did you know you can trek up into the jungle and walk along the ridge of a ginormous Volcano? Not to mention an active one at that? The trek is engulfed in amazing nature and views that millions of adventurers would love to see! It’s not just a thrill-seeking adventure but it’s not one to miss!

        2. Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

The reef in Bali is SO beautiful to see, the brilliant colors that you find in the coral can just light up your day. Not to mention the schools of bright fish that will surround you while you snorkel. The coral is met with the deep blue sea which is described as “The drop off” if you scuba dive you will be dropped off just outside of the drop-off and be sunken to the bottom at quite a depth where you could be met with all types of beautiful fish and turtles!

       3. Sunrises and dolphins

To wake up early in the morning might not be your thing, but how about if I told you that you could wake up to a beautiful sunrise on the horizon all the while dolphins diving around you? Now that would be a sight, I would wake up early for!

     4. Temple and Rice field hopping

In an all-around Bali are numerous amounts of Temples and rice fields. Temples that are on the coastline, potential floating temples like Tanah Lot, temples that are surrounded by huge rice fields and jungles. You can find them everywhere! Not all of them are free but all of them are amazing! What people generally do is take a day just devoted to temple and rice field hopping. As there are many rice fields around, you can always find walk-through rice fields where you can explore all on your own.

         5. The seven waterfalls

Bali is also known for it’s famous and large waterfalls, many seem to think that there is only one huge and large waterfall but inside local knowledge, there are 7 in the province of Buleleng. Around this area, you will only find the Balinese people and hardly any tourists lurking except for visiting the waterfalls. As you can imagine, these waterfalls are magnificent and are a popular sight to visit!

       6. Market shopping

The markets are so famous in Bali, known for where everyone does their daily shopping or just a hangout place. In some areas the markets are found to start early hours of the morning, whether it’s at 1am or 3am they are open until the sun rises, and you can find all types of goodies. Clothes, knick-knacks, furniture, delicious hot foods, and exotic fruits!

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