As you know, I like to travel a lot, to see new places, to discover new adventures, to find out what our beautiful world gives us. That’s way, today I will start a new project on my blog called ”EXOTIC DESTINATIONS – I was there…” narrated by travel bloggers.

You probably wonder, why, Exotic Destinations? Because, I love to be in nature, to climb the mountains, to watch the sunrise and sunset on the beach. For me, when I watch these two things, it brings me hope for a new day and also a sense of peace and harmony that everything is going to be alright.

I asked a few travel bloggers to recommend us some beautiful Exotic Destinations where they have been so far.

Carmen is my first guest.  🙂 VeniVidiAmo,  her own wonderful blog was born from a huge passion for people and places, that with her boyfriend visited and still love since then. Their purpose is that these stories, photos, and information to inspire and motivate you to conquer the world and meet new people and cultures, taste delicious food and have memorable experiences, to be told forever after.

3 EXOTIC DESTINATIONS – I was there by VeniVidiAmo

        1. Madeira – superb landscapes and lush green vegetation

When you think about exotic destinations, Madeira is not the first one that comes to mind. This sub-tropical island is a one-hour flight away from Lisbon and is the best for hiking. It will mesmerize you with superb landscapes and lush green vegetation decorated with the most unreal flowers you’ll ever see.

What to do on this island? From views over the vast Atlantic Ocean to hiking high up in the mountains – Madeira has it all. It is considered the trackers’ paradise due to their hundreds of miles of Levada walks.

Try even a few hours cruise on the Atlantic to go whale watching or a toboggan sledge ride down the hills of Funchal. Make sure to visit every part of this island – Santa Ana, with its unique triangular houses; Miradouro viewpoint with its glass platform; Cabo Girão – one of the world’s highest ocean cliffs. If you’d like to just take a break from this vast array of activities, go to the little island near Madeira, Porto Santo. Here you can see Christopher Columbus’ house or just get lost on the island’s narrow streets. Bonus: if you visit Madeira on NYE, well… you’ll catch the most amazing fireworks. Many cruise ships sailing across the ocean stop by every year, just to watch them. Fun fact: It is the birth-home of the worldwide known footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The Madeirans are so proud of him that their airport is now called Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport.

      2. Morocco– an impressive and surprising exotic destination

This North-African country is also not the usual exotic destination, but it surely is impressive and surprising. Morocco had a magical toll on me, I returned home happier and transformed. Let yourself mesmerized by the Islamic architecture, of which I am totally in love, of the Moroccan nature and delicious food.

Don’t hesitate to visit the desert, walk on millions of years of history and imagine how nomads used to live there. But most of all, let yourself be falling in love with people, Morocco’s most valuable treasure. Accept them as they are – beautiful, charming, with their amazing smiles and you won’t be disappointed about this destination.

          3.  Malaysia– Heaven on Earth We’ve only visited Kuala Lumpur and Batu Caves in this country and it was the perfect introduction to this beautiful exotic destination. Go up the Petronas Towers and see for yourself how another swamp has transformed itself, over the years, into an incredible metropolis.

What not to miss in KL? A stroll across the Bukit Bintang street, full of Indian and Arabic food. A man’s world, right there. A visit to the Batu Caves, to shake hands with the numerous monkeys begging for snacks or a dose of soda. If you’re heading there anyway, go visit the Royal Selangor Tin Factory, it will open your mind even more. 

Many thanks to you Carmen for your recommendations about these 3 beautiful Exotic Destinations! 🙂

Join her traveling adventures on the blog VeniVidiAmo, on Facebook and on Instagram.

 What is your favourite ? Mine will be for sure: Malaysia.

This is part one of wonderful „I was there” story, so stay tuned for more! 🙂

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